California Artist Union


I’m back.

The California Company  Project has been thru a lot and it’s not even known yet. There’s always questions like…why did you start this?, what’s your goal?, You think it’ll make money? and what are you going to do different? Hopefully, I can answer all of those questions in this post…

Why did you start this company? Well, first of all, I started this project just for the sheer fact of wanting to do something on my own. I’ve always been into design/photography/fashion, so, I figured why the hell not? It never hurts to try, right? It does cost money to try, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I would be doing these things regardless, so it only makes sense to do something with it. Shortly after getting the idea for this project, I decided it would be much greater if I brought in people who have similar tastes but speak through different mediums. If I brought in people who can cover a wide range of mediums and formats we can ultimately reach an unlimited amount of people through art. This leads to the second question.

What’s the goal of the company? The ultimate goal is for this company to turn into a platform for other artists to showcase their work. A Union of artists who learn and grow with each other to achieve a fresher take on the whole art scene. What led me to this idea? Well, I know a lot of talented people who deserve to be recognized for their art. Simple as that. I figured if I can get something started where we can all voice our opinions the way we want…we all can benefit from it. This is what I came up with. California Company. It’s where we’re from and it’s people I know.

What are we going to do different? To be honest, I’m not sure just yet. This question is the one that plagues me the most. All I know is, almost all the other clothing companies out there just slap some designs together, throw em on a shirt. Boom. Shirt company. I want to be more personal and get other people involved. I want to display your artwork, I want to help get your name out there, I want to build a community of artist who can help or work with each other, I want to do art shows, I want to do a lot of things and…….I don’t know.  It’s more than just a clothing company to me, I want to make it a home. For us.

No more questions, I gotta get back to thinking. haha








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