I’m the photo taker…


Me…I’m the photo taker of the group. I got into shooting photos a LONG ASS TIME AGO. I just always liked the idea of being able to catch a frame in time and keep it forever. I’ve shot with film…medium format…and now finally landing in the digital land. It started with landscape photography just because I like exploring around and getting lost. Which is good because now I’m getting into doing photoshoots and locations is one thing I don’t really have shortage of. I can’t really say what is my favorite kind of style photography…I really like shooting everything. Just try to be creative with whatever is in front of me. Being labeled as a certain type of photographer is definitely not what I want. I want to be outside the box.

I’ve been meeting some really cool/talented people along the way and I’ve also learned a lot from them too. Been pretty lucky, actually. If I hadn’t met certain people…I wouldn’t be pushing myself to be a better photographer. To me…it’s not just a hobby…it’s a part of what I do and who I am now. Just like skateboarding. That’s another story tho. I have a vision that I eventually want to portray once I can figure out exactly how. It takes some time for everybody to figure out what it is they actually want. I’m finally finding my path, I think.

There will be more on the rest of the team coming soon.



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