Shine bright


Getting closer…

The plan of the artist union is finally starting to take shape. I want to be able to help other artist out there by giving them a place to showcase their work. It started with just having my friends…but then realized there’s plenty other people out there who are into the same things we are. My main goal is to have a Site/Blog that features a couple artists a month and also be updated constantly with new content by the team and I.

There’s a lot of amazing people out there who give up their art because they feel like there’s no point. That’s how I felt and the group that I’m starting this with all felt the same way. By starting California Company…I wanted to give us and you a reason to keep doing what we/you love. Whether it be photography…painting…video…sewing…designing…however you express yourself…I want this to be a platform for you.

There’s still plenty to be planned out…but It’s been a fun process so far. So…stay tuned and follow us on here and instagram. @californiacompany



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